Selling A Business: Value of Partnerships

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Selling a business that you’ve dedicated your life to is a major decision.  Once you decide to sell, the transition is more manageable with the support of qualified professionals who understand the process and have experience navigating challenges while providing top-notch personal service. 

We Get the Job Done

Justin Farmer opened the doors to Private Practice Transitions with a customer-centric goal in mind: Create a positive atmosphere with a solid team and give clients confidence that their business is in the right hands.

Private Practice Transitions has perfected its process. It has built its reputation as a responsive, engaged, and customer centered business that puts client needs first.

We Help You Prepare

Business owners decide to sell their private practice for a myriad of reasons. Regardless of the reason, often the first question is ‘Where do I start?’ 

First, you have to embrace the reality that getting your business ready is a multi-step process that requires time, focus and a plan. Therefore, you start by first mentally preparing yourself for some tough questions. Selling a business requires full disclosure and you need to be ready.

We Take Care of the Details

Getting from decision to the actuality of listing your business for sale is a multi-week, sometimes months-long process. After the preparation stage, there is onboarding, then the actual selling phase. What you need to do this successfully requires the one thing most business owners don’t  have: Time.

Our Team is Your Team

When a client selling a business partners with Private Practice Transitions, above all, our team becomes your team.

Our team includes brokers who carry the CBI designation – a prestigious designation from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) that identifies an experienced, qualified, and dedicated business broker.  Our brokers also have broad experience in critical specialties.  Justin Farmer is both a licensed broker and a licensed attorney.  Chandler Hueckel has a 15-year background in finance and banking.

Supporting the brokers and rounding out the team at Private Practice Transitions: Tanya Farmer, a seasoned project manager who helps our clients navigate the onboarding and selling process; Sara Ashbaugh provides transactional support; and Kerri O’Farrell manages marketing strategies. 

In short, you need a qualified team to focus on the intricate details involved in selling or buying a business.  The Private Practice Transitions staff works collaboratively on behalf of our clients with knowledge and expertise to seamlessly traverse the complex nature of selling your business.

Our Commitment

Value your business properly.

Get the best price.

Guide you throughout the process.

If you are considering the sale of your private practice, knowing your business’ value is the first step. Contact us for a free Valuation Snapshot. Call us directly at 253.509.9224, send us an email, or fill out our contact form.

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