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When Should You Sell Your Accounting Practice? It is Not All About Age

Blog , CPAs , Sellers

It used to be that when a person sold an accounting practice, it was usually because they were ready to retire. Today, the world has changed, particularly during the pandemic.

Questions to Ask Any Seller of an Accounting Practice

Blog , CPAs , Sellers

When buying an accounting practice you will have a lot of questions, even if you have been in the industry for a long time. You will get the answers to

Are You Prepared to List Your Accounting Practice for Sale?

Blog , CPAs , Sellers

When selling your accounting practice, you may not know what the correct price is and whether you are shooting too high or too low. Even more, many accountants are not

Can You Practice After Selling Your Law Firm? Here is What the ABA Has to Say

Blog , Lawyers , Sellers

Not every lawyer who sells their practice wants to retire. Some want to move to a different geographical location, or they may want to join another firm as a partner.

Five Considerations When Selling an Accounting Practice

Blog , CPAs , Sellers

Successfully selling your accounting practice takes much planning, time, and consideration. You will have many questions to ponder, and you may not know how to prioritize. Even more, you may


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