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Sell Your Business

Selling Your Private Practice

– When is the right time to sell?

– What is my business worth?

– How long does the process take?

These are the most common questions we receive from potential clients.  But before we can answer these questions, a seller must consider the following:

  • How much longer do you want to work?
  • How much longer do you need to work?
  • How long would you be willing to remain as part of a transition?

You may not be able to answer these questions on your own.  We will gladly work through the nuances of the above questions with you, to help create a definitive timeline for selling your business.

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Business

After years of hard work and dedication, now could be an excellent time to reap the rewards and sell your business to an interested buyer. Starting a business and molding it into a profitable enterprise is one of the most difficult challenges for entrepreneurs. Now that you’ve accomplished that, allow Private Practice Transitions to become the broker you need to sell your business; we’ll help you profit from your hard work.

Whether you’re looking to retire, spend more time with your family and friends, or move on to a new business venture, we’ll help you sell your tax practice, physical therapy clinic, or other professional service business.

What Private Practice Transitions Does

Private Practice Transitions is a business brokerage that connects the buyers and sellers of professional practices, from CPA firms to physical therapy clinics and more. We work with buyers and sellers to come to a fair deal that makes both sides happy.

Selling a tax practice can be challenging to do privately, but at Private Practice Transitions, we take the headache out of the process, so sellers can focus on what they want to do next instead of worrying about finding an interested buyer. Let us handle the logistics and details of the transition while you consider your next business venture or how to spend your newfound time off.

Why Choose Private Practice Transitions as Your Business Broker?

When selling a physical therapy practice or CPA firm, there are many brokerage options available, but we’re confident Private Practice Transitions is the best choice when you need a broker to sell your business. We have years of experience to fall back on and a staff of certified business intermediaries with designations from the exclusive International Business Brokers Association.

We’ve brokered hundreds of deals for those selling an accounting firm, and many other businesses and have a 100 percent success rate. Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your goals and make the transition as smooth and profitable as possible.

Learn more about our services, read testimonials from our many satisfied clients, or begin the process of selling your business below.

Learn more about our specific services for sellers:

PO Box 1371 Gig Harbor, WA 98335 +1 (253) 509-9224
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