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The Benefits of Growth by Acquisition

If you’re a business owner looking to grow your company, there are many benefits to growth by acquisition. For one, it’s a much faster process than gradual growth over the years, as buyers can quickly acquire skilled staff, more clients, and greater resources after a single transaction.

A synergistic acquisition can also significantly increase the value of a business and improve profits, as the acquirer can reduce overall costs by combining functions and resources to maximize revenue and profit. An acquisition immediately provides a boost of energy, morale, and resources to any business, and our buy-side representation at Private Practice Transitions can help make the acquisition smooth and profitable.

Why Choose Private Practice Transitions as Your Buyer Representation?

At Private Practice Transitions, we’ve had plenty of experience as clients’ buyer representation, and we’ll bring that experience to your side to ensure you find the ideal practice to acquire and transition smoothly. We have successfully served as the buy-side representation in countless transactions, and our 100 percent success rate speaks for itself.

Our success is based on understanding a buyer’s needs and creating a detailed expansion plan. Whether you’re looking to acquire a different accounting firm, physical therapy practice, or something else entirely, our business acquisition brokers will work with you to quickly research, negotiate, and finalize the transaction for a fast and easy transition.

How Private Practice Transitions Works

If you’ve never purchased a private practice before, don’t worry; our team has plenty of experience to guide you through the entire process. First, you’ll meet with our business acquisition brokers. Working as a team, we will help you identify your ideal acquisition target and determine your buying power. We move fast because if you’re interested in a private practice, odds are another buyer is, too, so there’s not a moment to lose.

After identifying the target, our team will help you secure financing, approach the potential seller and negotiate an offer. Our team has handled hundreds of deals, so we know how to work with buyers and sellers to get the transaction done and ensure everyone walks away happy.

Once the deal is accepted, we’ll help you coordinate due diligence, develop a business transition plan, and see you through the close. Our business experts will be with you until the end, meaning your new acquisition is set up and ready to hit the ground running.

If you are interested in growth by acquisition or buying a private practice, call us at (253) 509-9224 to discuss opportunities or complete our contact form to connect with one of our highly-trained brokers.

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