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Mitigating Staff Burnout in Your Practice

- Blog , Business Owners , Consulting Services

During the long months of working remotely with our clients who are most often selling a law firm, selling an accounting practice, or selling a physical therapy practice, it was becoming apparent regular work stress was taking a back seat to something more invasive: Burnout.

Succession Versus Sale

Blog , Consulting Services , Sellers

In the most recent issue of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin, Lee Wachocki provides great strategic insight into the option of choosing a successor rather than selling your practice. Our

How to Determine What My Law Firm is Worth

Blog , Consulting Services , Lawyers , Sellers

You have worked hard and built your law firm into something that you are immensely proud of and that you value a lot. When it comes time to sell your

How to Buy a Law Practice

Blog , Consulting Services , Lawyers

Whether you have started a law practice and are looking to expand rapidly, or are thinking about leaving a large firm and venturing out on your own, buying a law

How to Sell an Accounting Practice for Top Dollar

Blog , Business Owners , Consulting Services , CPAs , Sellers

Baby Boomers are retiring en masse across all industries. And while the majority of accounting firm owners are baby boomers who are near the age of retirement (65 or older),

What is Your Business Worth? 6 Rules of Thumb to Consider

Blog , Business Owners , Consulting Services , Sellers

I work with extremely successful and exceptionally bright professionals who, after years of hard work, have grown a business that has going concern. But like most savvy business owners, my

SBA Loan Programs – An Introduction

Blog , Business Owners , Buyers , Consulting Services

As we have established thus far, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is designed to help you get the funding you need to start, purchase or expand your small business.

7 Ways to Prepare for the Transition of Your Business

Blog , Business Owners , Consulting Services , Sellers

7 Ways to Prepare for the Transition of Your Business

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