Justin is the ultimate business consultant. He assisted me during my transition and I couldn’t imagine not using him as a resource. He will be vital to any organization that needs positive change. -Jason T. Leehan, Attorney & Program Manager

In the past, professionals who had spent years building their businesses were left with few options other than merely turning off the lights and closing the door when it came time to leave the business. Thanks to Justin D. Farmer’s brilliant new service, these practitioners can now expect to receive a payoff for all that hard work and the goodwill they’ve built up throughout their careers. Orchestrating a smooth transition of the business is a big job, and Justin is up to it. From helping insure the professional practice is in tiptop shape to maximize its selling price, to providing on-going support to help the purchaser learn the skills necessary to maintain and build on a solid practice, Justin has thought of everything to make this a win-win situation for both seller and purchaser! -Ann Guinn, Practice Management Consultant

Justin and I met in context of my professional services marketing and communications practice. When he mentioned his idea to launch a new company (that is now Private Practice Transitions, Inc.) to assist small business owners in transitioning their businesses to new owners in a way that preserves legacy, culture and services to existing clients, I was extremely impressed. In my work with professional services companies in a variety of industries, I often see the need for expertise in researching and finding a suitable buyer who understands a company’s value, and holds a similar commitment to its clients and employees. Justin’s business model and approach meets this need. He is extremely well connected in the region, and has impressed me with his business and marketing acumen. -Leslie A. Larson, Principal, Larson Marketing & Communications LLC

Justin is a graduate of Seattle University School of Law, and as the dean of the law school, I am proud to claim him as an alumnus. Justin is one of the most professional and motivated individuals I’ve ever met, and his work ethic and commitment are unmatched. He is highly analytical, strategic and business-savvy, but Justin also brings a service orientation to all of his professional endeavors. I have no doubt that he will reach his goal of making Private Practice Transitions, Inc. the preeminent business development and brokerage service in the region. – Annette E. Clark, Dean and Professor of Law